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To use audio and video you must have Webcam and Microphone in your PC or Laptop. Here is the step by step instruction to use the video and audio in Live chat room. Step 1: Click on the publish my video icon in right top corner of the chat box. Step 2: Click allow in [...]
Live Tamil Chatting
Joining our Tamil chat room easy and free without any registration or any cost payment. having a friend in our Tamil dating service is very easy and fast. Here we have image and YouTube video sharing modules. Registered users can share videos in main and private window of your friend or other user. Also only [...]
Live Tamil Chatting
Aaha Tamil Chat have the Tamil Chat friends network, Tamil makkal from all over the world can join this community. It is one of the social networking site which provides all the activities that you are doing in Facebook and Gmail. Peoples can share images with privacy and can tweet a photo, can share YouTube [...]